• Carbide  Tungsten Carbide provides the strength and wear resistance to maximize centrifuge through-put in extremely harsh environments to ensure long life.

  • Steel  The 17-4 PH Stainless Steel backer is tough, strong , and has excellent corrosive resistance.

  • Joining  Strain relieved silver soldering produces a durable bond between
         carbide and steel.

  • Testing  We inspect our parts for any cracks or imperfections.  We only want to deliver the very best centrifuge tiles.


Wear Tiles
  • For New Equipment Manufacturers.

  • Centrifuge Tiles for re-builders / repair.

  • CCC can produce wear tiles in most configurations.

  • CCC can supply wear tiles with your company name or identifier on casting.

Why CCC's 
Centrifuge Tiles?
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